We specialize in architectural and structural design of buildings and water civil construction.
To this end, the company is able to employ its vast experience for rural or urban community buildings, infrastructures and water supply. We are well experienced in the design,
construction of buildings, roads and solar powered water borehole installation and channeling.We are able to do any general maintenance on these areas of specialization

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RENEWABLE ENERGY SERVICES (Solar Mini grid, Stand alone, Streetlight and Borehole)

Our manufacturing partners have been on the top of the market since 1979 with an extensive network presence and market share in Europe, North & South America, Middle East, Africa and Asia.
Our products hold the certifications to ensure highest quality, grade and relied sustainability
in addition to the on-the-shelf ready products and customizable solutions, our experienced professional technical team is able to customize central solar water heating stations for bigger scale requirements of residential, commercial, industrial and any other utility scale requirements.

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We provide procurement advisory and delivery solutions to help reduce supply risk and improve procurement effectiveness. It is also the link between Engineering and Construction through sourcing, purchasing and delivering bulk materials and equipment.
Our procurement capability includes, but not limited to, instrumentation valves & fittings, process pumps and compressors, large diameter valves, test instruments and oil tools in general

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Renewable Energy

We are a renewable energy solutions provision company with a business foot print that covers the provision of the design, sales, installation and maintenance of renewable energy solutions most predominantly solar and wind energy systems for residential houses, commercial outfits, communities and national utility scale in line with our clients’ needs. This also includes Solar street lights, solar borehole and solar heaters

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